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Where did this come from?

The Wargame Center, LLC is the dream of a Western Kentucky family who really enjoys being in the outdoors, playing FPS games, and paintball. What better way to blend all three of these passions then with the creation of a premiere paintball / air soft facility.

What do we want to do with this idea?

We've all seen it. Kids these days find themselves glued to the front of a television set, computer monitor or cell phone screen.  Heaven forbid should someone interrupt them from their games, cell phone apps, and social media sites. Unknown aggressions may be unleashed!

Well we want to take all of these technologies and blend them to make a fun, exhilarating, rewarding, and team building experience in an outdoor environment for kids of all ages!

What's the inspiration?

 We've played paintball on and off for over twenty years. We've visited lots of facilities and took note of the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ve often talked about the things we would do ‘if we ever….’ Well here it comes. The ‘if we ever’ is on the horizon and we’re driving full steam ahead!

So what’s some of our ugly ideas?

  • We will offer unique, safe, and challenging paintball / air soft courses for both small and large teams.
  • We will provide rental equipment maintained as if it were your own personal equipment, clean and in correct functioning order.
  • We will have a fully stocked Pro shop with affordable equipment, supplies, and peripherals for paintball, air soft, and Nerf weapons (Will explain Nerf shortly). Our stock will appeal to players of all levels. We are currently negotiating with most manufacturers of paintball and air soft equipment to become an authorized vendor. Our online store is being stocked now!
  • Should you have an issue during game play with your personal equipment and need something fixed, we will have a repair shop on site to assist.
  • We will have a clean, well-stocked snack bar to help quench your thirst, lightly fill your belly (not too much, you might see it again!), or just simply re-energize!
  • We will have available advanced systems to assist in automated score keeping of completed tasks. This is technology we are developing now and can’t release too many details yet, but trust us when we say… this will ratchet up the fun!
  • We will provide comfortable locations and sufficient area to securely store your equipment to allow you to properly prepare for your matches. Covered/shaded areas with tables to work on.
  • We are working on a system for our players to reserve a field for a specific time slot. Have a group who likes a particular field? Reserve it! It’ll be ready for you when you arrive! No need to wait for the teams before you to finish.
  • Our staff will include U.S. Army combat veterans, police officers, and U.S. Army Drill Instructors. We will use these experienced personnel to provide training to interested individuals and teams who want to perfect their tactical operations.  
  • We are planning various events for teams to compete in for prizes and prestigious positions on our Wargame Center leader boards!
  • Our courses will be challenging and fun. We've got a general survey out now seeking opinions of players to help us find the best fit for our players. We've been conversing with both paintball and air soft players and manufacturers to develop unique, challenging, and rewarding courses. Please help us by completing this initial survey.

Most importantly, we want our players to be safe, have fun, and look forward to coming back another day! 

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